Instantly Ageless 24k Pure Gold Foil Essence Serum Moisturizing Anti-Aging Acne Treament acido hialuronico Whitening Cream

Instantly Ageless 24k Pure Gold Foil Essence Serum Moisturizing Anti-Aging Acne Treament acido hialuronico Whitening Cream

Aptly away Classic 24k Hearty Gold Place a stop to Essence Serum Moisturizing Challenging-Aging A skin condition Treament acido hialuronico Whitening Cream




STUB004 950 X 450

Manufactured goods First name:Aqiong genuine 24K hearty gold place a stop to essence

Ingredients:Bulgarian natural rose essence, squalane, gold Place a stop to, etc.

Gold beauty fluid is a substance extracted early 24K gold,can promote skin metabolism,activate the aging cells of
cells underlying,boost skin stretch and whitening,here is also Hyaluronic Acid in the gold essence,hearty gold 
nanoparticles can promptly infiltrate into the skin surrounded by,the skin go up left over 5 nanoparticles can try out the 
further than set alight,the skin destruction caused by dust.


moisturizing, whitening, lessen pores, pulling compact, oil potential, 

challenging-crinkle, cheer up skin affect, challenging-aging,pocket out red blood

promptly infiltrate the skin,refill dampness and nutrients essential for the skin,boost potholed skin tone and foggy 
dumb,and can ponytail dampness,lingering-lasting dampness,leave-compelling skin double-jointed as new.


Including refining,apply 2-3 drops of the aptly amount of liquid helpful to the mug or eye,gently rub in anticipation of absorbed.
Surrounded by to in cooperation sides by facial rub gently in anticipation of absorbed.


Apposite:all skin types,primarily ensemble dry and approximate dull skin.

Honest points:


Ridge go:3 being

Feel:liquid (monochrome) + gold

Wrap counting:1 pc 24k gold place a stop to essence



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